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If your washing machine does not work and you are not entirely sure what happened to it, you have come to the right place! Calling a technician for washing machines will help you determine the reason of breakage. He will found the exact cause why the drum does not rotate, water leaks out, or why the clothes spin, function does not work.

There is a certain list of symptoms that usually occur in washing machines.

If you determine the symptom of your washing machine, then the masters of our company for the repair of washing machines will be able to troubleshoot those spare parts that are out of order.

Most top-loading washing machines have a part that mixes the clothes with water and detergent. It is called an activator and is driven by the transmission output shaft, which should be close to the center of the plastic part to be mixed. Depending on the brand of the washing machine, the activator can consist of one piece or two pieces of double action. If one part of the activator or the lower part of the dual activator does not vibrate back and forth during the wash cycle, then this may be evidence of damage and the activator must be replaced. Most activators are held in place by a bolt, at the top of the transmission shaft and located below the meter softener or top cover. Some models use a small set screw in the barrel of the activator just above the base to connect to the shaft, and some use a rubber ring to ensure a snug fit. When the locking device is removed, you need to lift the activator together with the shaft.

Another problem associated with breakdowns can be the failure of the cover switch. The cover switch supplies power to the timer. If this breakdown is suspected, make sure that any levers or actuators are not damaged. If the switch is activated but no power is supplied to the timer circuit, then the switch may be faulty. In this case, disconnect the device from the power supply and remove the wire from the switch. You can test the switch with a multimeter. Our washing machine repair specialists strongly recommend not to neglect the repair of the cover switch, since the normal operation of this part is an important safety feature, and its failure can lead to serious injury.

All front loading washing machines have shock absorbers are used to dampen the movement of the washing machine during spinning. Shock absorbers or struts are attached to the base frame on the outside. To access them, you need to remove the front or rear panel. When the shock absorbers are loose or damaged, unbalanced loads cause tremors or movement, and the machine often makes loud knocks and noises when spinning. Failure to correct this problem may damage other components. Before troubleshooting this kind of problem, the wizards recommend turning off the power of the device.

In some cases, the transmission drive belt may cause the washing machine to malfunction. If the washing machine stops, the belt may be to blame. To inspect the belt, remove the front panel to see how worn or damaged it is. Belts are usually located at the bottom of the washing machine and, if worn out, tend to give off a burning smell or make noise when the drum is running. We recommend checking how freely the belt tensioner moves before installing a new belt.

Here are the most common malfunctions that may occur. However, many other breakages require an urgent and efficient repair.

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