Is the electric or gas range broken? Do not worry, just contact our reliable Service, we will fix the malfunction of any complexity, brand and model!

Electric ranges are considered more convenient and safer than gas stoves, but at the same time, they are more whimsical. As the practice of our specialists shows, such units are more often repaired than all other types. This is influenced by many factors, including the quality of materials in production and packaging. 

Types of breakdowns of electric ranges

First, devices can differ in the presence of an oven and the number of burners on the hob. The rest of the difference lies in how they work. Electric ranges are divided into several types:

They differ not only in the principle of operation, but also in the way of control. It can be electromechanical, electronic, and mechanical.

How do you know if a gas range needs repair?

Typical breakdowns for such a unit are problems with the gas supply and mechanical faults.

Symptoms can be identified in several ways:

The burner does not ignite (possibly clogged nozzles, insulation failure on the spark plug, or malfunction of the solenoid valve).

The gas burns weakly (most likely, the jet is clogged).

The burners are smoking, the flame is above normal (the gas spray hole is clogged).

It is difficult to regulate the gas (foreign elements have got into the rotary switches).

The burner goes out in operating mode (the gas supply regulation is broken or there are more serious problems that only a gas range technician can determine).

The oven does not work (at best, the ignition plug is faulty).

Strong smell of gas (a very bad sign that requires immediate shutdown of the fuel supply valve and call a specialist. Leakage is possible).

Manipulation with such an unsafe device is better to leave to our well-experienced professionals. One wrong decision can have very serious consequences. It is worth entrusting such dangerous work to the competent specialists of «Appliance Repair in Fresno-Repair Services”. We have hundreds of refurbished gas ranges and many satisfied customers on our account, who, if necessary, without any doubt, turn to us. The strategy of tour service center is built on the trust that we have earned over many years of successful work.


As practice shows, the most common reason why an electric or gas range is repaired is improper operation (unsuitable dishes, high loads, etc.). In addition, the most common breakdown is a damaged electrical cord. It is most rational not to experiment with an expensive unit and in case of problems, seek professional help from our service center. After all, our experience is enough to accurately diagnose a malfunction and quickly eliminate it. Whatever type your machine is we know how to handle it.

If your range has an oven, then you need to know that a non-working oven is the second most popular breakdown among this type of appliance. In addition to mechanical damage, the electric range can also fail due to malfunctions of the electronic control panel.

As a rule, there is one problem behind all these malfunctions is the worn out parts. This can happen both due to long-term service, and due to the fault of the user. In both cases, the outcome is the repair of the electric range. This procedure requires certain qualifications and special equipment;

To save money on buying a new electric or gas range, you should contact our service in time. If the device needs to be repaired, we can restore it as fast as possible.

Cooperation with us is comfortable and profitable

We service electric and gas ranges at home, you do not need to transport the unit and wait a long time for it to be repaired. The repair will be completed on the day of the application. We work with new, original spare parts from the manufacturer and provide a guarantee for all works performed.