All the housewives will agree that no home is complete without a microwave.  Microwaves have some advantages compared to ovens and ranges. Microwaves present less of a risk of burns when used. Cooking in microwaves is healthier as it eliminates the formation of tars and char.  Preparation time in microwaves is reduced which contributes to keeping food nutritious. And last but not the least, it uses less space in the kitchen.

But like all the appliances, microwaves can also stop working or fail due to the long-term of their use. Main problems with microwave:

The microwave is not cooking, and the food is not done as a result.

The microwave is not heating, or it is sparkling inside.   The turning table is not spinning.These are the common problems you may face once your microwave does not work well. If you think you can do it by yourself, then ensure that you really can handle it. But on the other hand, it is best to apply to the repair company dealing with microwave repair just taking into account the security purposes.

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