Repair and maintenance of dryers at home is convenient and profitable. You do not need to carry your unit across the entire city, spend additional funds on the transportation of equipment; our masters will come to your house at any time convenient for you and make repairs. We can handle any level of complexity, and we are engaged in the repair of almost all manufacturers, in particular, such as Samsung, Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Asko, Alliance, Electrolux, etc.

Our experienced technicians will promptly and accurately diagnose and repair drying machines at the client’s home.

Reasons for repairing tumble dryers

Too frequent use and overload. Any unit and household appliance, especially one that never stands idle, eventually breaks down, and then professional intervention is required, in particular for the repair of dryers, too.

Overloading the machine or stuffing tangled laundry inside is a common violation of operation, which often leads to the repair of dryers.

Overheating and, as a result, failures in air circulation are often the reason why repairs of dryers are required and carried out.

If suddenly the air vent began to leak air, an urgent repair of the drying machines is done.

Electrical problems, damage to the drive are other common reasons for the failure of the unit.

Dryer professional installation

If you decided to buy a new dryer and you need correct installation, call the professional masters of our service center. Besides, the repair and maintenance of dryers, we offer drying machine installation services. We will install the dryer of any brand, model and type correctly and in a possible short time.